About Us

New Platform Tech Inc. is a digital production television company that is developing and producing what digital users want in music software, WEB3 platform and blockchain technology. NPTI’s planned television projects mirror the best singing competition, comedy, and horror shows on television today.

The research and development division has the experience to design, develop and build IOS and Android technology as well as delivering a strategy to test and launch their dream projects.

NPTI office

Our Values

It all starts with a talented, dedicated team working together to create a unique project that’s never existed before.

How serious is the company when it comes to producing prestige television programs? It all starts with having a dedicated, resilient team working together against all odds in hopes of achieving a successful outcome. It also begins with a great idea and ends with a polished script worthy of financing along with just a little luck.

The business of creating great television programs in the entertainment world is an expensive proposition because of the high cost necessary to create a fundable project along with attracting the right cast and funding. The type of project that can attract the right executive team to oversee the production and deliver a completed project suitable for television or digital distribution attention takes a lot of work and knowhow. Yes, it also takes a great deal of effort and money to get all this work done, but the company only needs one very successful project to propel itself to real stardom.